Water Taxi to Icacos Key from Fajardo, Eastern Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's' best beach on Icacos Island near Las Croabas, Fajardo

Looking back towards Puerto Rico from Cayo Icacos in the Cordillera Keys Reserve. Photo: Elena


Icacos Island is one of the string of Islands off the north east tip of Puerto Rico which form the Cordillera Keys Nature Reserve. 'Diablo', 'Lobos', 'Ratones' and 'Icacos' Islands and many large rocks such as 'Cucaracha'. They are administered by the Dept. of Natural Resources of Puerto Rico.

MAP how to get to Icacos Beach
Map showing how to get to Cayo Icacos from Las Croabas, Fajardo. North-East tip Puerto Rico


We Sincerely request that you do not bring plastic bags, cups etc. to this beach, or any beach! If you have no other option, please check that you have taken them all back with you (plus a few) to be disposed of properly. The animals in the sea are dying from eating all the plastic humans dump in the ocean! Thank you. Be kind to the sea!

Call Captain Mingo for reservations: tel. 787.383.6509    

Captain Mingo on his boat 'Punta Cana'. Photo Elena


motorboat for snorkeling

Captain Mingo's boat - Punta Brava - has a powerful engine.

Call Captain Mingo for reservations: tel. 787.383.6509    

Boat takes max of 6 people. Drop off on Icacos beach and pick up at your convenience. Price is a minimum of  $60. PP Make your reservations in advance. Meet in Las Croabas, Fajardo.





'BALNEARIO LUQUILLO' Balneario Monserate (above) in Luquillo Town is a calm crescent shaped public beach lined with coconut trees.has always been Puerto Rico's most famous beach. This is an easy day trip from San Juan, or you can combine it with a trip to the El Yunque rainforest ( top of the mountain you see in the distance, above photo).

Best beach possible for handicap, great facilities and gentle walk into the sea!

The trick to enjoying this beautiful public beach is to go on a weekday and in the morning. This photo was taken early on a summer morning before the crowds poured in. In the winter months the beach is practically deserted and looks like this all day. Summer weekends and holidays are chaos

Calm beach at the point in LuquilloLUQUILLO BEACHES & TOWN Luquillo's' greatest assets are its' varied, beautiful beaches and its' easy access to San Juan and the rainforest. Luquillo is a small, quiet town. Playa Azul beach has a small surf, perfect for body surfing. The 'point' is protected and offers good snorkeling ( in the winter there is too much current) and 'La Pared' offers good surfing waves. (Medium range). 'La Selva' surfers beach is just east of Luquillo.

Beach in the town of Luquillo, on a rough day.

West of seven seas beach is the governors beach reached by a path from the balneario


Sea Fans and other Gorgonian Corals along with Brain Corals

Gorgonian corals, sea fans and brain coral at Tablon reef in Vieques
Photo: Elena - copywrite Elena.

This ocean dance of swaying Gorgonian corals, with a brain coral in the center of the photo, is on a shallow reef . '

Codal Heads, commonly called Brain Coral

Blue Tang move on in unison after feeding on Lobos reef behind Icacos

Caribbean reef fish eating oats

A complicated example of a soft coral sea fan

Sea Fans and other Gorgonians abound in certain areas with plenty of clean water, current and perhaps a little constant swell. Their best habitat is one with constant motion over the soft corals, so they can feed better.

Below: A Brain coral in back of an Elkhorn which is next to some soft Gorgonian coral and scattered about are smalll beginnings of Staghorn coral.

Below: A nice piece of Staghorn coral, although nothing like the size of the Elkhorns reefs that existed before the last two hurricanes. Those old, huge pieces of coral liepiled up and broken but make excellent habitat for the reef fish. Both the Staghorn and Elkhorn are officilally listed as 'threatened' species, they are certainly close to becoming 'endangered' in the Caribbean.


Cayo Diablo in the Cordillera Reserve puerto rico
Cayo Diablo is not often visited. It is considerably further out and only accessible in calm weather. You are not allowed into the island, just along the beach. Too many birds nest here. The waters are incredibly clear. Scuba divers come here and anchor offshore. Booby birds, gulls and other shore birds nest here., on the rocks.
Flamboyan tree detail