Hiking Trails Map off Road # 191. The North Side El Yunque Mountain

Map of the el yunque rainforest trails

The trail map ABOVE shows the present trails off of road #191 that are open on the North side of El Yunque. The road starts at the gateway town of Palmer. Trail Maps are usually displayed at the trail head.

AT PRESENT YOU MUST HAVE A PRIOR RESERVATION TO ENTER THE UPPER PARTS OF THE FOREST. You can get a reservation the day before (maybe) on their internet site. It is for a private or rental car, doesn't matter who is in the car. The Forest Service controls how many cars can go up to the upper half of the road. This eliminates over crowding and keeps visitors safer. Uber is not allowed to go in. Taxis are not allowed to go in. To walk up from the access control gate is many miles uphill.

If you are in a car you can drive all the way up to the Mt.Britton parking and hike up. Otherwise, you can hike in the lower forest, the 'wet forest'. Angelito Trail is good. The private trail for guests at the Rainforest Inn is good. You can only access the real rainforest and the exquisite cloud forest by hiking from the parking near the top of road #191, with your permit to enter the control gate.

The El Toro trail, is at the top of road #186, does let you reach the cloud forest, no permit needed. The road crosses many little waterfalls and rivers. Very scenic but swimming is risky due to flash floods. It is a long hike in on the El Toro Trail and there are no forest rangers in this area. Parking is not secure.


Road #191 does have a South side, above Naguabo, with rivers and picnic shelters. You must drive past Fajardo and go south on the Hwy. Get off the Hwy at exit #22. and go right before the first bridge and onto #191, cross that next bridge and drive up to the top.

When you get to the top, just before going over the bridge, there is a little path to the left that leads to a nice pool to swim in. Then go further up the road to the picnic shelters. There is path UP the mountain from the picnic area but it is not well maintained. You will pass a guest house on the right just before reaching the the top of #191, south side.


Trails and Paths on the North side of El Yunque.

1. Easiest and most level path is the Angelito Trail off side road #988. A gentle walk through the lower forest (20 minute walk over a little, newly rebuilt, wooden bridge). A large swimming hole in the river is at the end. Very pleasant and easy walking, though a bit long.

2. Top of road # 191. A 45 minute walk from the Mt. Britton parking takes you up a cement path with steps. There are a few rest shelters alongside the path. 45 minutes up and 15 minutes down again! but the view is well worth it. Mt. Britton This trail gives you a real look at what really is the actual rainforest, plus a magnivicent view from the top of the tower or, if cloudy, the experience of being in a cloud with the cloud swirling around you!

3. A lot more difficult climb, further up from Mt. Britton, is to the very top of El Yunque. You can go by the very long forest path or just walk up the service road. Near the top is a sign for 'La Roca'. The trail strarts by the cyclone fence to the left of the cell towers building. This little trail is a unique experience in the exotic dwarf forest. At the end of the path is a giant rock. Clamber up to an amazing view. Back on the road continue up to the tip top of the road where there is a small tower with good panoramic views all around. Photo below.

4. There is a difficult, muddy trail below La Coca Falls. People get lost, it is suitable for experienced hikers only.


* El Toro 3533 Ft
* Pico El Yunque 3494 Ft
* Pico Del Este 3446 Ft
* El Cacique 3346 Ft
* Los Picachos 3175 Ft
* Mount Briton 3075 Ft
* La Mina 3055 Ft

looking south from the tower at the top of El Yunque at the Mt. Britton tower

View from El Yunque Peak tower to the Mt. Britton Tower ( hike up) looking south Photo: Elena

Los Picachos Peaks.

Photo: Elena


The hike to El Toro peak is open, but only accessible from the top of road # 186. There are no forest personnel there.

** Rivers off of # 186 are perhaps, the most beautiful and seen from the road. There are flash floods periodically and you must exercise extreme caution in all the mountain rivers. .

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