Vendor at a farmers market in Maharastra India

During my travels in India (9 trips) I took pictures with a 'point and shoot' camera with a good lens. These pictures are memories of beautiful and mystical places all over northern India. High in the Himalayas to the dusty hot wildlife parks in Rajastan I traveled. Hope you enjoy what I find fascinating!

Below: My 'tiger shot' ! NOT easy to get, poor as it is. This tiger could have eaten us had it decided to turn and attack our open jeep! She was hunting and we were bothering her, she was 'twitching with antagonism!

Tiger in Ranthambore Wildlife Park in India
Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur. Photo Elena

This tiger photo was taken on my third venture into the Ranthambore Wildlife park in eastern Rajastan, by jeep. I reached this tiger park after futile efforts at the Jim Corbett Park to get in to see a tiger (the monsoon came a week early and the park roads were flooded out).

Since the monsoon came a little early travel in Rajasthan was possible, for awhile. The early monsoon turned out to be a false alarm and the intense heat returned while I was in Bharatpur visiting the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary. What intense heat, it was hard to even leave Bharatpur while it was sooo very hot.

The forests I have visited in India are filled with wild peacocks. At one spot there were peacock feathers scattered on the road and I asked the driver for one. He hesitated, stopped the jeep, quickly opened his door and grabbed one, then speeded off! Tigers are dangerous and he was not going to forget that.