night heron flying over the moon in Puerto Rico
Heron flying over the moon in Puerto Rico

The nighttime symphony of Puerto Rico is something that cannot be explained . . . it must be heard! You will not see the coquis at night, yet they will sing their little hearts out.

How do you have this magical experience? Ah . . . for that you must sleep in a room in the country, in the hills, with open windows. That is the only way thousands of years of this blissful song can penetrate your soul. That is the only way you can ever experience the secret that makes Puerto Ricans a happy people.

In the hot cement city you need to shut your windows and turn on the AC . . . you lose the symphony that all parents and grandparents and great grandparents have slept to all their lives!

For the visitor, you will never hear anything like the symphony of more than a million coquis singing. A few screech owls added to the song will send thrills up and down your spine..

If you spend your entire vacation in the city or in an air conditioned hotel room you will hear the rumor of this amazing event, but miss it.

Link to Video with the coquis singing at Sue's Villa

. . you will visit the rain forest and ask to see a real coqui, you may or may not get to see one, but it doesn't matter. You won't hear the song, not in the daytime. You may hear one coqui, but that is not the symphony!

You would hear it in the mountains surrounding the rain forest, you would hear in the central mountains, Adjuntas, Jayuya etc. and you will especially hear it after a rain, in the cool of the evening.

You must be careful though, it may enchant you!

It is the 'Mountain Coqui' that makes the sound we think of as the coqui sound. Identify a Coqui by its' sound. Click on the 'spanish' as the 'english' is not made yet.

Puerto Rican Screech Owl - Megascops nudipes - photos courtesy Father Sanchez website