Rincon Puerto Rico - It's all about waves!

Photo courtesy of Tres Palmas website.
During the winter surfing waves can be as high as 25 feet!

" Rincon has been a surfers & hippy hangout since the 50's - 60's but has now entered the 'Tourist world' with many, many new hotels and guesthouses being built. It is still a little bit of a cultural experience to visit Rincon and hang out, but this uniqueness is fading as the big bucks move in. You cannot count on swimming in the ocean in Rincon in the winter as the ocean is often pretty rough here, most lodging has a pool. There will always be surfers here waiting for the big ones. "

Rincón got it's name from Don Gonzalo Rincón, a 16th century landowner "who allowed various poor families to reside on his land and baptized the place the 'hill of the poor'".

• SURFING: That's what it's all about in Rincon. Hanging out, waiting for the waves. The waves are not a constant, but Rincon is known world wide for fabulous waves, when they do break, in the winter and during storms.

• LIGHTHOUSE: The Punta Higuera Lighthouse was first constructed in 1892. Damaged on 21 October 1918 by earthquake. Present tower built in 1922. Automated and left unattended in 1933. Electrified 1959. The lighthouse area now has a nice large observation deck, picnic area. You could sit here with binoculars and watch for whales in February.

• SCUBA DESECHEO island, can be seen clearly from the lighthouse observation deck. Desecheo, 13.3 miles to the west, is a Federal Wildlife Preserve and uninhabited; 360 acres. Dive/Snorkel pristine coral reefs at Desecheo Island (charters and packages available).

• SNORKELING is possible nearby, when the sea is calm.

• WHALE WATCHING in the month of February; whales can sometimes be seen as they pass by.

In Luquillo Bob is a surfer, he's happy to set you up for a surfing vacation, a lazy vacation or just about any type of vacation. He offers a two hour lesson and he'll get you up! Luquillo is a gentler place to surf in the winter than Rincon.

Some good website resources are:

Rincon PR Website

Rincon Tourism Association

Rincon Lodging
- (area code is 787)

Amirage T. 823-6454
Beside the Point T. 823-8550
Caribbean Dream Resort
Casa Islena Inn (Casa Isleña Inn) T. 823-1525
/ (888) 289-7750
Casa de Playa

Casa Serena T. 823-4208
Casa Tamara T. 823-3242
Casa Verde Rincon T. 823-3756 / 605-5351
Casa Vista del Mar T. 823-6437
Coconut Palms Guest House T. 823-0147
Colina Linda apartment
Conmar Vacation Rental apts.
Desecheo Inn T. 823-0390
Dos Angeles
El Faro Guest House
El Quijote Beach Cabanas & Restaurant T. 823-4010
Fish Eye View apts.
Horned Dorset Primavera T. 823-4030
Lazy Parrot Inn & Restaurant T. 823-5654
Lemon Tree Waterfront Cottages T. 823-6452
Pipons Resort T. 823-7154
Playa Corsega T. 823-6140
Pools Beach Cabanas Verdes T. 823-8135
Rincon Beach Resort (866) 589-9000
Rincon of the Seas Gran Caribbean Hotel T. 823-6189
Rincon Surf and Board
Sandy Beach Surf Inn T. 823-1146
Sunset Paradise Villas (800) 875-6399 / T. 823-7183
Tropical Tree House
Villa Antonio T. 823-2645
Villa Cofresi T. 823-2450
Villa Corseca Sands (link below)
Vista Vacation Resort T. 823-3673

Rincon Dive/ Fish/ Surf Shops etc.

Taino Divers -

Rincon Surf School

Rincon faces the west and the setting sun. ..known for its miles of unspoiled beach in Rincón Puerto Rico.