Dwarka - Veraval - Gir Lions



Somnath is a city of Pilgrimage: Lord Krishna is buried here. Lord Krishna was King 270 Km to the North of Somnath in Dwarka. This journey is from Veraval to Bet Dwarka. With a side trip to the Gir Lion Preserve.

Krishna ruled Ancient Dwarka for 36 years after the Mahabharata War.

Hotels in Somnath/Veraval and near the Gir Forest are often full and booked in advance: Lodges in Sasan Gir include Asiatic Lion Lodge, Gir Pride Resort, Gir Imperial Farm and Resort. Luxury Resort in Gir: Gir Lion Safari Camp.

The drive from Somnath to the entry gate of the Gir Forest is 25 miles or about 50 minutes. You will need a prior reservation to enter the gate. It may well be more convenient to stay in a Somnath Hotel and taxi to the Gir Forest, unless you stay in a Luxury Lodge in Gir Forest.

The drive from Veraval North to Dwarka is 4 hours on a toll road. There are many excellent hotels in Dwarka and the beach is popular. Pilgtims come to Dwarka for holiday and Hindu celebrations and to visit the famous Hindu temples of Krishna and Rukmini. Dwarkadhish temple, also known as the Jagat Mandir. Rukmini Devi Temple is 2 kilometres away from Dwarka.

The next step is Okha which is a 45 minute drive further North. There are a few hotels in Okha. The Mariners Inn is a good choice and can help arrange ferry tickets for you to visit the island of Bet Dwarka.

Ferries to Bet Dwarka from Okha are literaly packed full, but you can hire a private boat.

Once on the island there are tuk tuks available. Several Important Hindu temples are on the island, Dwarkadhish Temple (Jagat Mandir) is one of the four Pavitra Dham of India. Hindus from all over India come here to worship Lord Krishna, where Krishna ruled as a king. Shri Keshavraiji Temple is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.. The Gold Temple is well built and consists of Krishna’s tales from birth to Dwarka.... You must return to Okha for the night.

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