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The Private Local Fishing Club on Lago Garzas.
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Puerto Rico has long been known for it's big game fishing but it has allot more to offer that is unknown. Big game fishing information is easily found in so many publications that it's not included here. Here's a link to a nice website about deep sea fishing in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Big Game Fishing

Virtually unknown is the fresh water fishing for Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, Sunfish, Catfish and Tilapia. The Federal fish stocking programs are in effect in Puerto Rico and they do a good job of stocking the 20 man made lakes. There are numerous fishing clubs in the interior mountains. The most popular type of fishing is fly fishing for both Peacock and Largemouth Bass. There are several places to stay, most notably Casa Grande and Parador Hacienda Gripinas. The best camping in the area, near a lake, is at Toro Negro Reserve between lakes Matrullas and Guineo. See the camping page for more information.




Man-made Lakes of Puerto Rico:

There are no natural lakes in Puerto Rico, all these 'lakes' are reservoirs formed by damning the rivers. (There is only one significant river left in Puerto Rico that is not damned). The Puerto Rico government agency that oversees all fresh and salt waters resources is called 'Departamento de Recursos Naturales' (dept. of natural resources) you can write for more information to: Aileen Vasquez Coordinator, Aquatic Resources Education Program, Departamento de Recursos Naturales, P.O.Box 9066600, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan Puerto Rico 00906-6600 USA Ask for the booklet called 'Guia Para La Pesca Recreativa en los Embalses de Puerto Rico' and 'Pesca Recreativa en Puerto Rico' for colored pictures of the different fish. or call Tel. 787-724-8774 ext. 445 and speak to Aileen or Luis Bauzo (or ext. 284 to leave a message).

They recommend an 8-12lb. test spinning rod. Record Tilapia is 4.8 lbs. There is an association of Fishermen of Rivers and Lakes, P.O.Box 2161, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00919 USA, also a Federacion of Lake Fishermen, P.O.Box 3813, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00919 USA and many local fishing clubs. The 'tucunare' (Peacock bass) and the 'lobina' (Largemouth bass) are the two most important sport fish in the fresh waters of Puerto Rico, because they put up a good fight. Peacock bass were imported from South America and the Largemouth bass from the US (1946) You are limited to 8 tucunare and 12 lobina a day. Tucunare can be caught all day but the lobina bite early morning and late afternoon.

You need a permit from the electric company to fish in Lakes Dos Bocas, Guajataca, Lucchetti & Patillas. You get it from Mr. Manuel Morales, tel. 722-1208. No water skiing, nor operating any motor larger than 30 horsepower is allowed on any lake. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in any of the rivers or lakes due to the presence of bilharzia (unless you are way up in the mountains). It's endemic to the waters of tropical countries. It does not affect the fish.

You are only allowed to catch fish with a line and hook. You may use up to 3 hooks on a line or 3 hooks on a lure at a time.

• It is prohibited to spear fish with a spear gun or any spear of any type. Using any type of net fishing in fresh water bodies is also prohibited. Using fish traps is also prohibited in fresh water bodies.

Fishing Limits for Fresh Water.

You are allowed only 12 Large Mouth Bass a day and they must be at least 12 inches long each. You are allowed only 8 Peacock Bass a day and they must be at least 12 inches long each.

New Fishing Law.

There is now a new sport fishing law in Puerto Rico, this new law was passed on 12 of March, 2004. the new law states that all fishermen must have a fishing license, even the occasional sport fishermen that fish on the shores of all body of waters in Puerto Rico.

According to Dept. of Natural Resources, these licenses will be available in their 7 Regional Offices. There will also be available in the future in some stores that sell fishing equipment and will be sold by a automatic teller machines.

. . . for fishermen that who are not residents of Puerto Rico, the one year license will be $35.00 and there will be other options for a fishing permit for a week and one day only. The new recreational law also states that minors of 14 years of age do not need a license if they are accompanied by a adult with a fishing license and recreational fishermen over 60 years old do not need a recreational fishing license, just a identification proving their age.

These regulations may have changed since this page was created, please check locally for current regulations.

The Lakes:

Lago Carite (124 hectares.) generates electricity and a potable water source. Largemouth bass, Bluegill sunfish, catfish, tilapias & Threadfin shad. Between Cayey & Guayama. Access: #741 or #179 then # 7741 then to end of #742.

Lago Guayabal (500 approx.. hectares)generates electricity. Bluegill sunfish, catfish, sagas (a native fish) & tilapias. Between Juana Diaz & Villalbal. Access: Road # 149 or #550 to #557.

Lago Patillas (128 hectares) *(good fly-fishing of peacock bass), sunfish, catfish, guavinas y tilapias. Just north of Patillas. Access off #181 & #184.

Lago Guajataca (526 hectares) Very lovely lake. Largemouth bass, sunfish, white catfish, tilapias & Threadfin shad. Access off #119.

Lago Matrullas (31 hectares) generates electricity. Very good fishing of *largemouth bass (higher elevations) also, Bluegill sunfish & catfish. Just north of Toro Negro, one of Puerto Ricos' two highest lakes. Access off # 564 (#590)

Lago Dos Bocas (257 hectares) generates electricity. Sunfish, Largemouth bass, catfish, tilapias & Threadfin shad. Between Utuado & Arecibo. Access off #123 & # 146. Ferry service on this beautiful lake from the municipal dock. You can also go to one of several restaurants across the lake on their boats. You can stay at the nearby Hotel Casa Grande.

Lago Las Curias (12 hectares) For water storage. Largemouth bass, peacock bass & sunfish. Access off #176 behind Monte Hiedra.

Lago Cidra (257 hectares) Fish may be contaminated.

Lago Caonillas (283 hectares) to generate electricity. Good fishing of Largemouth bass, also sunfish, catfish, tilapias & Threadfin shad.. Near Utuado off roads #140, # 613 & # 607.

Lago Loco (.25 hectares) to generate electricity. Largemouth bass, peacock bass, bluegill sunfish, guavinas, catfish & tilapias. Just west of Yauco. Access: off # 368.

Lago Lucchetti ( Yauco) (108 hectares) to generate electricity. Very good fishing for *Peacock bass (lower elevations), also sunfish, catfish, guavinas & tilapias. Just north of Yauco. Access off # 128.

Lago Loiza ( Carraizo) (111 hectares) To generate electricity. Potable water storage. Largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish & tilapias. Plague of aquarium fish someone dumped in (pleco). Between Trujillo Alto & Caguas. Access off # 175.

Lago Guayo (115 hectares) To generate electricity. Largemouth bass & bluegill sunfish. West of Adjuntas.

Lago Yahuecas (20 hectares) generates electricity. Largemouth bass & sunfish.

Lago La Plata (405 hectares) *Good fishing of Largemouth bass, Peacock bass, sunfish, catfish, tilapias & sardines. Just north of Naranjito. road # 827, # 8827.

Lago Garzas (37 hectares) generates electricity. Good fishing of Largemouth bass, also bluegill sunfish, redear sunfish, white catfish & Threadfin shad. Just south of Adjuntas. Access off # 518. Small hotel in Adjuntas 2 blocks from the plaza is a nice place to stay.

Lago Guineo (22 hectares) to generate electricity. Largemouth bass & bluegill sunfish. One of the two highest lakes. Very lovely with tall mountains around it. Access by hiking trail from Toro Negro Reserve off # 143.

Lago Melania . (128 hectares) Fishing includes Largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish, guavinas, dajaos (a native fish) & shrimp. Just south west of Guayama. Turn off of #3.

Lago Cerillos (just north of Ponce) newly constructed.

Lago Coamo. filled up, scummy. http://www.argentinachileflyfishing.com





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