ELENA : Location Scout, Photographer and Naturalist in Puerto Rico. Exotic Locations around Puerto Rico.

Did you know? . . "The east of the island is where "La Cordillera Central" starts and El Yunque Rainforest is located. Many films have been shot in this area. With five star resorts in the area and a short drive from San Juan, it is one of the best areas to shoot in". . . Quote the Puerto Rico film commission. See their website.


Hi, As you can see from exploring this website about Puerto Rico I have accumulated a large quantity of photos taken during my 35 years of location scouting in Puerto Rico. Almost every page ( of the 150 pages) has photos I have shot all over the island of Puerto Rico and in Vieques Island as well. ( India too!).

This website was created both as a showcase for my photos on these various jobs and to give would be visitors the opportunity to visit these lovely places that I know of around Puerto Rico.

The more I learn about Puerto Rico the more I can show to others. I still work on a free lance basis as a location scout for outdoor location photos around Puerto Rico. I can send you references from photographers I have worked with and my fee scale, upon request. I do speak Spanish fluently.

Occasionally I sell some of my photos for various articles and magazines. Whenever the occasion arises I love to talk about my favorite subject, and area of knowledge, which is the mangroves and bioluminescence. I have sailed throughout the West Indies as well as traveled extensively in India on 8 different trips across northern India.

E-mail: < elenasvieques@hotmail.com >

Please note: although I have created these three websites myself, I do not make websites on commission for others. still an amateur website designer and wish to remain so.

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Eastern Puerto Rico in June @ copywrite Elena
Eastern Puerto Rico fishing dock @ copywrite Elena
The El Yunque mountain tops Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena
Waterfall in the El Yunque rainforest Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena

South Coast of Puerto Rico Scenic view of lighthouse @ copywrite Elena


Bamboo Forest in Rio Abajo Puerto Rico Nature Reserve @ copywrite Elena
Man made lakes of Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena
giant tree ferns in the forests of puerto Rico
The Giant Tree Ferns of the mountains of Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena
Puerto Rican marshes
Marshes at the mouth of the river in southern Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena
A deserted beach on a calm day in Puerto Rico @ copywrite Elena

Dankar Gompa, Tibetan Buddhist Temple in the Indian Himalayas @ copywrite Elena







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