Cayo Icacos

THE CORDILLERA NATURE RESERVE Palomino, Palominito, Diablo, Lobos, Ratones and Icacos Islands and many large rocks such as Cucaracha. They are administered by the Dept. of Natural Resources of Puerto Rico. ( Palomino and Lobos are private islands.)


Puerto Rico's most beautiful beach on Icacos Island

Elena's Best Snorkeling Trip includes Icacos beaches.

Please note: Las Croabas is also where the biobay kayak tours leave at night. Los Bohios Restaurant is very good and Calizo's Restaurant is terrific. Most fun might be La Estacion Restaurant Grill.

Snorkeling: You can snorkel/explore around the edges of Icacos but there is no real easy reef you can readily access from the shore.

Icacos Island water taxi pickup spot
Waiting to be picked up at the end of the day from Icacos by a water taxi. In the background is Fajardo, mainland Puerto Rico.
Beach exploring is great for anyone who doesn't want to spend much time in the water. The problem with exploring Icacos is getting yourself out of this incredible water to go exploring! .... fierce sun.. no facilities.

Elena's Best Snorkeling Trip includes Icacos beaches.

Weekends can be very crowded, but still enjoyable
'Beachrock' is rock that forms near mid-tide level beneath the sand on tropical beaches. It is a very distinctive rock that forms rapidly. Tidal fluctuation constantly forces calcium carbonate-rich waters through the sands where evaporation and off-gassing of carbon dioxide probably help stimulate precipitation of calcium carbonate. Within a few years, crystals of aragonite, a common marine form of calcium carbonate, precipitate between the grains, welding them together to form a very hard limestone. When sea level rises, as it has done during the past 18,000 years, any beachrock that formed several thousand years ago becomes submerged. . . . quote from geologist Eugene A. Shinn


Please take Sun block, water and snacks. a towel and dry shirt. Wear a long sleeve white or light blue shirt then you really won't get sunburned. Icacos is a deserted small island and there are NO facilities. No vendors, etc. You must bring everything and remove all your trash.

The boats leave from two docks in Las Croabas, a small 'village' which is past the entrance to the El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo and past Seven Seas Beach. At the end of road there is a small cove with lots of boats at anchor and two docks, a wooden dock, across is a cement dock.

The boats at the cement dock are the licensed and responsible captains. Look for Captain Mingo in the yellow boat or try the others at the cement dock. $100. to go there and be picked up later is the correct price. for more than 4 people the cost is $25 per person. ( maximum 6 per boat trip)

Private charter snorkeling trip. 4 hours visiting the various islands and reefs.

See the dramatic backside of Icacos with a guide: Email Elena <elenastour@hotmail.com>
The windward side of Icacos island
One of the windswept backside of Icacos beaches.
the offshore reefs between Icacos backside and ratones
copyrighted photo @ courtesy of Clay Humphrey
Icacos island aerial photo
Cayo Icacos seen from the air. Photo courtesy of Father Sanchez.
waterbirds nesting site on the rocks around icacos puerto rico
map of the cordilllera reserve puerto rico