Elena's Puerto Rico Guide

Drawing of Puerto Rico by Elena Harley

Historic Ponce, the 'Pearl of the South'. The Art Museum filled with Fine Renaissance works of art has an excellent collection. Arrive towards the end of the day and stay near the central Plaza. You can walk the Plaza and nearby historic streets in the evening, a very picturesque and pleasant experience.

Spanish Colonial architecture in Ponce Puerto Rico

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Harry S. Pariser, an award-winning journalist, has written a guidebook. ' Explore Puerto Rico' He writes thoughtfully about coral reefs, flora and fauna, history, culture, festivals and events and conduct. Included are 28 maps, and more than a hundred illustrations and photos. Web sites and e-mail addresses are listed as are fax numbers and 800 numbers. You can purchase online.


The fountain in the Ponce Central Plaza

The Ponce Plaza Fountain. Around the plaza is a Catholic Church and a picturesque old firehouse brightly painted and in excellent shape. Unless you want to visit the art museum, you may want to continue to another destination after breakfast.

About the author/photographer: Elena has lived (mostly) in Puerto Rico since 1947. She has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean on a sailboat and made 7 trips to India and Egypt. Elena now operates Golden Heron Ecotours which offers an amazing 7 night tour of Puerto Rico that you can drive yourself! Golden Heron Ecotours. Her close connection to the various owners of the guest houses on the lodging page and her extensive knowledge of Puerto Rico gave her the idea for this web-site. She designed and maintains this website.

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Relive the history of Old San Juan with a guided walking tour.

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detail of Spanish colonial architecture in Old San Juan, ruins

Old San Juan is the second oldest city in the New World, founded in 1513. (at left) This is a very old building that has not yet been restored and a good illustration of how they were built. Most of Old San Juan is now beautifully restored and has great historic interest.