Gilligans Island and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse area

Gilligans Island mangrove key off Guanica Puerto Rico

Cabo Rojo lighthouse • Beach near lighthouse • Above right is Gilligans Island near Guanica

Although the Guanica Dry Forest is a unique place, visiting it is not so desireable because of the extreme heat. The next stop of interest west of Ponce would be the coast beyond Guanica, then La Parguera ending your day near the Cabo Rojo lighthouse. Don't miss a quick stop at the Porta Coeli Church Museum in the town of San German. A permanent exhibit of religious wooden carvings is on display.

The Cabo Rojo lighthouse and Nature Reserve are located beyond the salt flats at the extreme south western tip of Puerto Rico. The Parador Bahia Salinas is well located and nicely run. Next door Punta Aguila has apartments with 2 bedrooms. A restaurant is located in between. Both are on the water but this is not a good swimming beach. Nearby are lots of great places to swim. Walking is great in the surrounding areas. Cabo Rojo lighthouse is located on the cliffs above the sea and is one of the more scenic lighthouses in the Caribbean. Spectacular views early in the morning, later too.

Boqueron is an interesting nearby town and beach, there are many places to stay and eat here. It can become very crowded, expecially on weekends and summer weekends are impossible.

From the Cabo Rojo area your next destination would be the Rincon Area, if you wish to continue along the coast... You need to drive through Mayaguez to do this. There is a zoo in Mayaguez worth visiting.

Took Road #333 past the town of Guanica and at the turn immediately following the turn into the Copamarina Hotel (great Hotel! about $135.00 more) I turned right and parked in the (guarded!) parking lot. Bought a ticket to the Island on the little ferry. ($4. round trip) Runs everyday except on Mondays they go somewhere else interesting (Ballena Bay). Waiting for the ferry I ate some stuffed potato balls with ground beef inside...I can put my vegetarian diet aside, and tend to do so in Puerto Rico on, perhaps too many, occasions.......Childhood memories of Puerto Rico's delicious foods prevail over 'new' philosophies. How absolutely mouthwatering delicious were those 'rellenos de papas'! Gourmet feast for less than a dollar.


Natural arch is near the Cabo Rojo lighthouse • Cactus in the Guanica dry forest • Ruins near Santa Isabel

Guanica Ferry to Gilligans Island.

To right of the dock is the, constantly running ferry boat (last trip back 5 PM) Try to come back at four.....bugs come out around 4:30 or so. Not a long ride. The boats to the left of the dock belong to the various fishermen of the area. On the Island there are little Bohios where you can picnic and hang your hammock. There is plenty of shade amongst the mangroves on the white sand.

Ferry boat dock for boat to Gilligans Island Puerto Rico in Guanica
dock on Gilligan's Island Puerto Rico
Waiting on the dock on Gilligans Island for the next ferry back. There is no way to convey by looking at these photos how clear, cool and heavenly the waters are here. Crowded on weekends but you can always push on further and find your own quiet spot! and the snorkeling around the mangrove roots and on the reefs is super! Bring snorkeling equipment to Gilligans Island!