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See the birds, mangroves and fish, in a very protected environment and learn of the importance of the mangroves. People don't realize that the mangrove ecosystem plays such an important role in our planets ecology. Your guide, makes this educational and very enjoyable, something you'll remember for years to come.

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AQUAFRENZY KAYAKS VIEQUES WEBSITE offers 4 different Eco tours:

1. Biobay trip in the evening. $30.

2. Mangroves, beach and biobay 4- 8 pm $75.

3. Morning birding trip $45.

4. Snorkeling in the morning by kayak. $45.

Advance reservations are required. However, should you not be able to make a reservation in advance, you could join an already scheduled trip. Some trips run nightly, some 2 or 3 times per week.

Call mornings ONLY. Tim Raymond Tel. 787-741-0913 or cell 787-240-7985. sorry, no email.

Tom is your guide with Aquafrenzy, he's and excellent guide.


This trip was originally designed by Elena. Photo: Elena. . . Please note: It is amazing how many people claim to have created this trip, but i actually did create it in 2003, it remains one of the best trips I have created. . . . Elena

Vieques Mangroves, beach, dinner/snack and Biobay. 4 PM Afternoon Mangrove Ecotour by Kayak, $75. per person. Paddle through the fascinating mangrove canals and tunnels. Kayak in the afternoon, then out to a pretty beach with food and LIVE music and see the biobay by night. In Vieques. NO e-mail, you must call directly for advance reservations. Tel. 787-741-0913 or cell.

Just when you are content and relaxed and well fed, then, you are in for the most magical, exciting time of your life! Put your kayaks into the water and paddle into the biobay as the last rays of the sun disappear, dramatically. We listen to the beautiful night sounds of the lagoon, and enter the most mystical of all experiences, the Bioluminescent Bay.

Paddle to the middle of the biobay, anchor your kayaks and swim in the sparkling glowing fairy dust!

Please check out the moon schedule for optimum biobay viewing conditions.