Rio Abajo nature reserve is in the karst area and has unusual bamboo plantings

Above: Bamboo stands in the Rio Abajo Reserve, near Utuado Puerto Rico. Photos Elena. This reserve not only has these amazing stands of bamboo but is also unique because of its paths in the karst area. There is a successful Puerto Rico Parrot breeding center here, but not accessible to the public without special permission.

Below: The Humacao Nature Reserve is located on road # 3 just north of Humacao. It is an excellent spot to see shore birds, iguanas and turtles in the many lagoons, with nice walking trails, good line fishing. The paths through the coconut grove to the beach is very peaceful. This is one of the better places to see the large green iguanas. ( not a native species, but plentiful ) . Below is an iguana in its full mating colors.

Interesting note: Neither Bamboo nor Coconuts are originally from Puerto Rico, nor Flamboyans, nor Breadfruit, nor Mangoes. Not African Tulip Trees ( Tulipan) and especially not the large Green Iguanas, nor Mongeese. All these things and many more have been brought here one way or another... as well as Africanized bees!

The poisonous Lionfish has now made its way to Puerto Rico from the Pacific a few years ago. It is now well established in the coral reefs.

The native hardwoods ( almost completely gone) were here! Lignum Vitae and Ausubo are native to these Caribbean Islands. They were, almost completely, harvested by the Spanish and then the US. The giant tree ferns in the rainforest are native to the Caribbean.

The Humacao Nture reserve has lagoons, birds, iguanas, fishing and coconut groves by the sea

Below: Green Iguana in mating colors. As you walk on the trails by the lagoons, the loud splashes you hear are iguanas leaping out of the tree tops into the water! These iguanas were brought from Central America and are now considered a pest in Puerto Rico.

Green Iguanas, native to Central America,  have proliferated in Puerto Rico

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