Two Taino Petroglyphs on the Rio Blanco river in Puerto Rico
Taino Rock carvings or Petroglyphs in Puerto Rico

The Taino Indians believed that their supreme god, Yocahu (Yukiyu) lived in El Yunque and that he resided in the mountain tops. The Taínos believed that Yukiyú fought with his brother Juracán (Hurricane deity ) to protect his people in Borikén. . He represented goodness. This contrasts with his evil brother Juracán, who was responsible for storms. ( It is easy to believe this while sitting on the 'La Roca' ( The Rock) , in the dwarf forest with the world below.)

Of Note: Many archaeologists now believe that the word Taino (given to the Native Indians) was actually the word they used when greeting the Conquistadors, meaning 'peace'. The 'Tainos' were a very developed culture and had a complex system of government, until the invasion of the Spaniards.

The Taino culture held a great respect for all living things and honored them in the form of carvings cut into rocks, known as petroglyphs. Petroglyphs can be found all over Puerto Rico. These carvings represent their beliefs, religious rituals and, as shown above, possibly a shaman on a psychedelic experience.

Below are two more of the Taino petroglyphs on the Rio Blanco above Naguabo, Puerto Rico. This area has over 7 sites with petroglyph carvings in the big boulders, most by the rivers but some are not.

Do NOT attempt to walk on the boulders by yourself without a guide to help you, the rocks are slippery and dangerous.

Two Petroglyphs below: Left what is either a lizard or a frog and right a turtle.
taino petroglyph puerto rico taino petroglyph turtle

Taino Indian petroglyphs tour on the Rio Blanco above Naguabo with Robin Phillips
Big Boulders on the Rio Blanco with guide Robin Phillips

Above photo: South Side of El Yunque, above Naguabo: Robin Phillips, naturalist guide, on a rock in the El Yunque rainforest. Robin is taking us to see the Petroglyphs on the Rio Blanco. Robin is a fascinating guide who has been doing this for many years, before it ever became popular! Robin has a popular all day hike through the rainforest above this as well. He ONLY gives tours on the south side of the El Yunque rainforest, and you must provide your own transportation.


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